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Every so often you think about the future of your children and you wonder if what you are doing is enough to provide them with a happy life. You take care of them, you work, you stand by their side as they make any progress and bend over backwards for everything!

Today, when your son comes back home, he tells you that in class they had a lesson about the environment and that to live in a greener world it’s important to collect one’s deliveries at school. He hands you a leaflet with the name QuiGreen.

“What is this about?” you ask. “It’s very easy. Instead of having your online orders delivered to our house, when you will come to get me, you will also collect your packages, so the world will be greener and we’ll have more time to spend at the playground. We must inform everyone!” Every time your son asks if there’s any package to collect at school you smile and think that having a school that teaches the importance of the environment is amazing,

and that you’ll never have to wait for another package at home.

Make the same choice! Join QuiGreen, just like this school did, teach children how important the environment is and help parents enjoy more quality time with their kids.




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