QuiGreen is an innovative service for PICK-UP and DROP-OFF, wirth ZERO cost and ZERO environmental impact

Who We Are

LESS, an environmentally friendly non-profit organization, supports an ecological transition. It proposes solutions specific to pollution control and lowing of costs. It collaborates with all participants in the supply chain in order for them to fulfil the actions needed and to innovate the last mile of any delivery with the view to environmental sustainability. One of the LESS’s main projects is the creation of innovative “neighbourhood delivery points” or PUDO (Pick-up, Drop-off) as called by QuiGreen. These points allow for the widespread delivery of goods in built up areas and are easily reachable in a short period. The main advantages are: Convenience e cost savings for the user, Growth of both a neighbourhood’s and a city’s micro economy, Safeguarding the environment. The service is completely free of charge. Each QuiGreen point can offer the appropriate products/services and totally eliminate service distribution costs, thereby increasing profit. The absence of any economic and contractual intermediation permits an expansion of use of the App, providing an advantage both in terms of environmental impact (grouping together deliveries and thereby reducing the number of stops, key to the LESS mission) and to supporting the local economy. The use of the QuiGreen points is one of the key points in creating a positive effect on sustainability. The factors which a positively impacted by carbon emissions from LESS’s QuiGreen network are the reduced number of stops made by each courier according to the number of deliveries, with the result of reduced congestion and travel time. Half of all online consumers are aware of environment and climatic impact their purchases have as well as potential energy savings and in general ethics related to the question of movement of goods. Therefore the use of a service such as LESS’s QuiGreen allow for the possibility of significantly increase a brand’s value thereby making any chosen retailer preferred for any purchase. QuiGreen is a LESS project with zero cost and zero environmental impact.

Mission and Vision

“QuiGreen is a project established by LESS social venture. Conceived in 2019, LESS was born from an encounter of three skilled creators and founders: Fabio Pietrosanti, Andrea Cocito, and Elma Pietrosanti. LESS is an innovative start-up with a social vocation – a non-profit initiative with communities’ best interest at its heart: to change the rules for the right to transparency on the environmental impact of e-commerce and transport. LESS intends to produce a long-term social impact with permanent results, which begin with analysis, change in processes, and micro-delivery, then in the economic system of distribution with PUDO collection points, and finally, a change in the behavior of the recipients by helping them become aware of the opportunity to contribute to the vision: reduce the environmental impact generated in the last mile of transport reaching private consumers” (B2C: business to consumer). LESS’ primary objective is to demonstrate to the recipients the effect of their choices in terms of CO2 saved with concrete and measurable outcomes. This is where both our mission and our motto comes from: LESS stops, LESS miles, LESS vans that lead to LESS pollution, LESS traffic, LESS carbon emissions and LESS costs.”

QuiGreen News

QuiGreen: it’s innovative, zero cost and zero CO2 App

QuiGreen: it’s innovative, zero cost and zero CO2 App

LESS.green, innovative social purpose startup, launches lancia QuiGreen: https://www.quigreen.it

QuiGreenis the first and advanced service that allows to manage the deliveries of purchases in a totally free, flexible way and environmentally friendly way.

With QuiGreen’s App, you can collect your purchases wherever you want, when you want, free of charge and with zero environmental impact.

QuiGreen collects and stores purchases for its users: no more long waits, wasted time, missed home deliveries, availability and stock problems.

The idea was born from the collaboration of Andrea Cocito, Fabio Pietrosati and Elma Pietrosanti, in the wake of the evolution of consumer purchasing habits and social commitment increasingly necessary to preserve our planet.

The thought of the founders ” Let’s change the rules: for the right to transparency on the environmental impact of e-commerce”; QuiGreen in fact is a technological platform based on free software and a free cooperation network with measurable environmental impact Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

QuiGreen is an innovative App that stands out from all the others because it simplifies life, is totally free but above all it solves the environmental problem in a click.

If purchases are managed by QuiGreen, you will be sure that you have done well for our environment. Using QuiGreen, purchasing online in green mode will become a shared and common social goal.

To obtain this result: analysis, development of advanced models, management of information flows, to show, with concrete and measurable results, the effect of one’s choices in terms of CO2 saved.

In the QuiGreen disintermediated collection points, the recipient can pick up their online purchases without the usual time constraints or restrictions imposed by the seller and the courier in charge of transport; helps the economic realities of the territory grow in an ethical manner, creating new services for the public administration developing job opportunities and social integration in the territory.


Diventare un Punto QuiGreen: solo vantaggi

Commercial and service points have the possibility to provide a service to their customers as well as the opportunity for customer development and loyalty based on the service. In a QuiGreenPointis possible to take advantage of the customer base to promote one’s own business.

Even for Municipalities, Libraries, Schools, Associations, Gyms, Trade Unions, the competitive advantage is the possibility of providing a service with great added value.

The use of a green servicesuch as QuiGreen by LESS allows to increase the value of the brand, making who proposed it a preferential choice.


Dove trovare la App QuiGreen?

European Ideas Lab – Climate Action

European Ideas Lab – Climate Action

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